Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tolman introduces the idea that popular culture and dominant society force American girls into sexual repression. Young, middle class, white girls like 'Isabel' from the article are told it is unladylike to have an identity. To be anything but a willing servant for a mans many many needs. I can corroborate her point with direct evidence. I know dozens of girls who could be described as such. Girls who dress for men, act for men, even girls who will have sex with each other FOR MEN.

We've all seen it. Half the internet is websites made up of the girls who believe their bodies are nothing but a tool, a tool with the power to control a mans libido. These women are understandably desensitized from themselves, as they never think of their sexuality in terms of what they find appealing, but what they can do to be found appealing.

I could not stop thinking about the Madonna video we watching in class when I read this article. Her and Tolhman's points are very similar, the difference is only in the delivery. However, with a few more explosions or near deaths, I have no doubt Tolhmans point could have been banned from the media outlets too.

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